We shop around up to 30 insurance companies to bring the lowest quote for you...GUARANTEED!

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We get insurance & mortgage leads from all over the country and looking for experienced (minimum 3 years) insurance & mortgage Agents from different language speaking communities in our team to serve major towns in Canada

Exclusive Leads
  • Get Confirmed Insurance, Investment & Mortgage Leads in your mailbox

  • Exclusively for members on board

  • No need to change your MGA/Brokerage

No Pre Payments, No commitments
  • No Contracts, No Membership Fee
  • We don’t sell Leads
  • Work for Mutual Benefits
High Conversation ratio
  • We prospect, we follow up
  • We confirm appointments
  • You close the sale!
We Promote Your Business

We promote your presence online and on our different websites by sharing your Personal and Company Profile, Video & Achievements of your business to bring more business for mutual benefits.

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