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Are you enthusiastic tourist planning to visit Canada and plan to stay up to one year?
Did you move to Canada and awaiting coverage under a provincial health insurance policy?
Are you planning to work in Canada on a temporary basis?
If your answer is yes for the above questions, then you are perfectly eligible to get a Visitor to Canada Travel Insurance
Visitors to Canada like Tourists, international students, skilled workers need visitors medical health insurance plans. In order to be financially secured against unexpected medical costs in case of an emergency, Canadians or those awaiting Provincial Health Care coverage should be insured. To ensure personal safety, Medical Insurance is highly recommended for all foreign visitors to Canada. It is important that relatives of Visitors to Canada should make sure that their Visitors have valid Canadian Medical Health Insurance in Canada.
Today every Canadian saves thousands of dollars with the Government insurance. Visitors can cover possible losses by buying up to $200,000 CAD coverage here. Although minimum policy of $10,000 CAD is required, we recommend to purchase a larger valued policy. It is necessary to get a proper policy rather than lying to yourself and finding hard times, while buying a minimum policy.

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